20×20 Case Study

We have collaborated with 20×20 on an artwork to support their aim of achieving a 20% increase in attendance, participation and media coverage for women in sport by the end of 2020. 

We have designed a large format artwork, drawing inspiration from Victoria, the Roman Goddess of Victory. The Romans were fanatical about sport, but most women were excluded from both watching and playing. Victoria’s name is derived from the Latin ‘vincere’ – meaning ‘to conquer’.  She was often portrayed holding a palm branch. We have placed a sliotar in her hand, and a hurl over her shoulder as a modern alternative to this archaic visual.

This change in iconography signifies the seismic shift which women have implemented in sporting culture throughout history, from the sidelines to the playing field. 

The artwork seeks to act as a physical and artistic embodiment of 20×20’s core message – “If She Can’t See It, She Can’t Be It”.


A Note From 20×20


“We want to enable a cultural shift to further change the landscape of sport for the next generation. We founded 20×20 at the end of 2018 – so-called as it aims to get 20% more attendance, participation and media coverage for women in sport by the end of 2020.

20×20’s mission is to spearhead a shift in society’s perception – to challenge a deeply ingrained subliminal bias so that women’s sport can become part of our cultural DNA in the way that men’s sport currently is. What results from a shift in mindset is a new norm, where our daughters play, our sportswomen are valued, our society is more equal as well as healthier and happier and, for a nation of sport-lovers, we have more sport to follow.

We are asking everybody to #ShowYourStripes for women in sport by choosing one of the pledges: 

Pledge to Participate or play more, or

Pledge to Attend more women’s sporting events, or

Pledge to Promote, discuss, share, like or follow more female athletes.

The action is very simple but the impact of everybody pledging one small thing will have a ripple effect that can leave a significant legacy across all counties, all sports, and all communities”.

  • Client
  • 20x20.
  • Location
  • Camden Row, Dublin 8.
  • Date
  • March 2020.
  • Outlet
  • Sponsored Artwork.
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  • Client
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