Amnesty Ireland


Amnesty Ireland Case Study

We were approached by Amnesty Ireland to create an artwork which would support Women’s Human Rights Defenders.

Our artwork draws inspiration from the story of Yasaman Aryani. After removing their hijabs, Yasaman and her mother handed out white flowers to Iranian women on a train in March 2019. Yasaman was sentenced to 16 years in prison for this act. She is currently detained in Shahr e-Rey prison, Iran. A white flower represents purity and freedom, a meaningful gesture of light against darkness. The black background symbolises power and strength. With this artwork, we aim to highlight the importance of freedom of opinion and expression, peaceful assembly and non-discrimination.

This mural presents a visual landmark of support for those who have been or are currently arbitrarily detained for advocating women’s rights. It is a comment on the selflessness and bravery of Women’s Human Rights Defenders.

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  • Client
  • Amnesty Ireland.
  • Location
  • Essex Street, Temple Bar.
  • Date
  • December 2019.
  • Outlets
  • Film.
  • Photography.
  • Sponsored Artwork.
  • Category
  • Client
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