Bushy Park


Bushy Park Case Study

The bandstand in Bushy Park has been unused for decades. We saw this as the perfect opportunity to create a site-specific, anamorphic installation informed by the historical and physical characteristics of the south Dublin landmark. It is a unique and visually enticing space which provides a platform to express and cultivate Irish creativity in conjunction with nature, heritage, and culture. Bushy Park is also subject to a large number of visitors, making it an ideal means to deliver a large scale art piece while animating and reviving the bandstand.

We approached Dublin City Council with a proposal outlining our interest in utilising the space in Bushy Park. We created a concept called – “Please Stand By”, inspired by the unfortunate fact that the bandstand has stood unused for many years. The “Please Stand By” is also relative to the anamorphic perspective of the artwork i.e having to stand in a certain place within the surrounds of the bandstand to experience the effect.

The revival of the bandstand and reanimation of Bushy Park was supported and encouraged by all visitors to the park, from young children to the elderly. Countless photographs of the artwork were taken and shared on social media. A huge amount of people expressed their support for further creative developments & large scale artworks in the local area.

We intend for the Bushy Park project to be a catalyst for a wider public art initiative within local communities, with the aim of improving the visual environment within our public spaces & utilise available canvases for large scale public artworks.

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  • Location
  • Bushy Park, Terenure, Dublin 6.
  • Date
  • August 2019.
  • Outlets
  • Film.
  • Photography.
  • Large Format Artwork.
  • Category
  • Art
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