Climate Case Study

As an artist collective, we intend to provoke thought and support dialogue regarding important social issues. The health and vitality of our entire ecosystem are currently in jeopardy. The climate issue is universal and convoluted. We decided to focus on one key element of the climate catastrophe: plastic pollution. We designed and developed three large-format artworks in order to explore and confront the depths to which plastic leaches the biodiversity of our planet.


CRUSH Walls, Colorado

Our team travelled from Dublin, Ireland to Denver, Colorado in order to create a piece for CLIMATE. The concept explores plastic on a microscopic level, magnifying tiny microplastic particles and enlarging their scale. This mural was the largest artwork ever completed by our collective.

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Temple Bar, Dublin City

Our proposed artwork for the ESB building, Temple Bar was established from the aim to create a visual narrative between the ocean and human waste. All aspects of the artwork are based on forceful, vivid shapes found in plastic microscopically. The location of this mural is a key factor in its importance to CLIMATE. Temple Bar is one of Dublin’s most influential districts. The artwork demands to be considered in this core of people, industry and life.

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RHA Gallery, Dublin City

We were given the opportunity to create a large scale interior artwork for the atrium space within the Royal Hibernian Academy, a leading contemporary art gallery in Dublin, Ireland. Our extensive assessment of microscopic plastic samples was the defining inspiration for our design. We produced a mural which is heavy with rich, colourful imagery-based from visuals derived through the microscope. On 19th September 2019, the private launch of our exhibition took place in the RHA Gallery. We designed a visual identity for the project which was used on invitations and materials used to promote the exhibition. We created a name for the artwork and body of work itself – “Micro vs. Macro”.

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CLIMATE has been widely shared on social media & in the press. Our content has received exposure on a variety of strategically selected distribution networks including; High Snobiety, District Magazine, RTÉ, The Irish Times.

  • Location
  • CRUSH Walls, Colorado.
  • Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin.
  • ESB Building, Temple Bar.
  • Date
  • 2019.
  • Outlets
  • Film.
  • Photography.
  • Large Format Artwork Series.
  • Category
  • Art
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