CRUSH Walls Festival


CRUSH Walls Festival Case Study

We were approached by CRUSH Walls to take part in their international street art festival. The festival provided an ideal opportunity for us to present the collision of nature and waste, as part of our “Climate” project.

Plastic is one of the most ubiquitous substances on earth, yet is nearly impossible to destroy. It is shredded into smaller pieces, known as microplastics. From a microscopic assessment of samples collected from our ocean, it is evident the degradation of plastics has created trillions of shards of microplastics. We created a design which explores plastic on a microscopic level, magnifying tiny microplastic particles and blowing up their scale, in an effort to reveal an unsettling reality; this invisible plastic has infiltrated our environment down to the nanosphere.

We aimed to explore the scale and implications of our actions as a society, on one of the largest walls ever painted by our collective. The production of a mural overseas would bring beneficial exposure to our collective’s movement and this hugely significant topic.

Our team flew from Dublin, Ireland to Colorado, USA, to paint the piece which would act as a key first phase of our “Climate” project. The link between the ocean and human waste are intrinsic in this piece. Inspiration for the colour palette was gained from graphic, energetic imagery of fish and other marine life. Elements of microplastics as viewed through the microscope create forceful, prominent shapes.

Production took place over 8 days. It is the largest artwork ever produced by our collective. We filmed and produced a short video which captured the production of our mural for CRUSH Walls. The video emboldens the movement with a piece of film that can be shared globally.

The production of our macro-scale artwork for CRUSH Walls Festival was supported by thousands of visitors to the festival and the wide audience which engaged with the artwork on social media. The project was a significant catalyst for discussion around the universality of microplastic and the climate emergency, directing this issue into the public realm.

We wanted to inspire conversation around climate change and the problems which fuel it. This piece is a key utilisation of the skills which we possess as a collective, to raise absolute awareness.



  • Location
  • CRUSH Walls Festival, RiNo Art District, Denver, Colorado.
  • Date
  • September 2019.
  • Outlets
  • Film.
  • Photography.
  • Large Format Artwork.
  • Category
  • Art
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