Skepta Case Study

Having grown up listening to Skepta’s music and watching his art develop, we wanted to pay homage to the culture and vision of his work, which frequently addresses trying times and perseverance. Our perception, vision and execution are cognisant of the subject matter he considers and communicates through his music.

We chose the location for this piece based upon the often negative opinion associated with Éire’s travelling community. A community with a rich culture and heritage that is often looked down on, based upon surface-level opinions. Ignorance.

The narration of societal issues is deeply rooted in our work, partly stemming from the themes tackled by Skepta through his music. The image depicted in the artwork is a poignant representation of the powerful nurturing of youth, and we intend for this piece to act as a gesture for young people to understand their capabilities and potential. And their responsibility to themselves, to give whatever it is they are doing, no matter what it is, one hundred.

Shout out Dean Scurry and the residents of Carton Court for their support.


  • Location
  • Carton Court, Ballymun, Dublin 11.
  • Date
  • November 2019.
  • Outlets
  • Film.
  • Photography.
  • Large Format Artwork.
  • Category
  • Art
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