Vultures Ireland


Vultures Ireland Case Study

With these artworks, we aim to highlight the systematised rerouting of profits from the domestic economy to international megabanks through vulture funds. Compliance from the judicial system and comprehensive government cooperation permits an international bank to have its tentacles in entire local communities without consent. The narrative surrounding austerity and Irish personal finances focuses on individual economic distress such as payment defaults and the rising homeless problem. While individual strife must be attended to swiftly and comprehensively, the cycle of debt sales and economic manipulation will continue as long as the Irish government acts as a willing accomplice. Government attention to base-level social service requests is different from long-term stable shelter from predatory economic practices.  

Through this artwork series, we propose an alternative perspective to the tendency to blame the falsely labelled ‘negligent debtor’ for their hardship. There is a strong economic history that shows personal financial distress events as simply part of the prearranged procedure of vulture funds. Without robust regulations, an individual homeowner does not stand a chance against unfettered international banks, for there are no ethics in business. 

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  • Location
  • George's Quay, Dublin.
  • Ranelagh, Dublin 6.
  • Camden Row, Dublin.
  • Date
  • 2019.
  • Outlets
  • Large Format Exterior Artwork.
  • Category
  • Art
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